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Cookies may seem very easy to make, but the art of baking a genuinely good cookie is difficult to master. The cookie comes in many degrees of sweetness, is generally bite-sized, and usually crunchy: all aspects that we associate with enjoyment. Thanks to the numerous possibilities in the way of shape, texture, taste and garnish, an infinite variety of cookies are made in all countries across the globe.

Most cookies contain both a lot of sugar and a lot of fat. Their texture can vary from moist to dry, and from crumbly to chewy. The difference in texture depends on the type of flour, sugar, eggs, leavening agent and/or fat used. To create a distinction between the many different types of cookies available, they are divided into categories such as the type of dough used: choux, shortbread, shortcrust and sweet shortcrust. The above doughs all have different preparation methods. Cookies contain little water and, when stored, quickly lose their crunchiness. They are therefore best stored in air-tight, often metal, containers.