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Couscous has been a basic ingredient in North-African, Middle-Eastern, and Sicilian cuisine for centuries. The traditional way to prepare couscous is to sprinkle salt and water over wholemeal flour and to use your fingers to shape small pieces of dough, which you then finely rub between your hands and sieve. As the couscous is not kneaded, gluten is not formed. Because couscous is so fine, it only needs a little water to cook. The best method for preparing couscous is to steam it in a couscoussier, for example.

Basic techniques: cooking, drying, baking, caramelising

Flavour combinations: coffee, chocolate, vanilla, citrus, poultry, mint, parsley, coriander, chicken, feta, aubergine, sweet pepper, lemon, grilled salmon, green asparagus, saffron, shellfish and crustaceans.