Elderflower Enlarge

Elderflower is the blossom of the common elder, a plant belonging to the moschatel family. This plant is commonly found in the wild and only flowers for a brief period in May and June, making elderflower available in abundance during this period. The flower (also called an umbel) has a fragrant floral aroma making it perfect to use in desserts. For pastries, the elderflower is often made into a syrup, which then forms the basis for many preparations. This same principle can be applied to warm dishes, where the flower is used to infuse vinegar.

Basic techniques: infusing, drying, preserving. 

Taste combinations: cucumber, orange, white chocolate, butter, cream, pistachio, lemon, lime, almond, hazelnut, white wine, fennel, pork loin, saffron, raspberry, strawberry, hibiscus, gin, cardamom, black tea, pink pepper.