Halibut Enlarge

The halibut is the largest flatfish in the world and can reach a size of up to 5 metres and weigh up to 320 kilograms. On average, a halibut is 1 to 2 metres long. This firm, lean, and mildly flavoured fish can be kept fresh for a few days after being caught. The sideways flattened halibut has a large mouth and a brown to light-black coloured back and a white underside. There are various species of halibut used for consumption. Halibut is certified for fishing on the west coast of the USA and Canada. 

Basic techniques: grilling, confiting, frying, slow cooking, barbecuing, en papillotte, cooking sous-vide, smoking, marinating, brining.

Flavour combinations: Jerusalem artichoke, carrot, green cabbage, cucumber, leek, hazelnut, yuzu, beurre blanc, mushrooms, peas, courgette, lobster, tomato, miso, capers, anchovies, olive, parsley, rice.