Jerusalem artichoke

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The Jerusalem artichoke can be used for many different dishes as it has a mild flavour reminiscent of the globe artichoke. The Jerusalem artichoke is a non-fibrous, thick tuber of a North American species of sunflower. When eaten raw, they are moist, crisp, and sweet. These tubers contain very little starch and are quick and easy to prepare. Once harvested, these tubers dry out fairly quickly and can only be kept refrigerated for a few days.

Basic techniques: frying, boiling, gratineeing, roasting, smoking, steaming, deep-frying, confiting, stir-frying, mashing, baking. 

Taste combinations: milk, wild mushrooms, celery, cauliflower, globe artichoke, pork ribs, chicken, scallops, pike perch, cod, yogurt, chocolate, red berries, chili, laurel, honey, tonka bean, garam masala, white chocolate, kombu, cardamom or citrus fruits.