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Lentils are available in many different variations, such as red lentils, Spanish Pardina lentils, Du Puy lentils, and black Beluga lentils. Each type has a different cooking time. Lentils can roughly be divided into two categories: a type with large, flat seeds (with a diameter of at least 5mm) and a type with small, rounder seeds. Du Puy lentils belong to the second category. Since they are flat and thin, lentils are ready much more quickly than most other beans and peas. It only takes an hour of soaking the lentils to reduce the cooking time and make them easier to digest. The longer you soak them, the shorter the cooking time.

Basic techniques: steaming, boiling, puréeing.

Taste combinations: manchego, feta, tomato, chocolate, Parmesan cheese, salmon, portobello, celeriac, pumpkin, lemon, chicken, truffle, shallot, avocado, Cabernet Sauvignon, sweetcorn, coriander.