Mackerel Enlarge

Mackerel is a fatty type of fish that lives in large schools just below the surface of the water. The schools contain both adult and young mackerels that swim together in search of food. Mackerels have small teeth they can use to cut up their food, but strangely enough these are not often used, with the mackerels preferring to swallow their meals whole. The fact that mackerels live in large schools make them easy targets for larger predators in the sea, such as tuna and dolphins.

Basic techniques: frying, smoking, grilling, marinating, cooking sous-vide, roasting.

Taste combinations: aubergine, courgette, oregano, tomato, artichoke, thyme, rosemary, garlic, celery, pak choy, purslane, quinoa, bulgur wheat, potato, watercress, dill, chorizo, pata negra, yoghurt.