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Pheasants are typical terrestrial birds, which means that their diet consists mainly of berries and grains, infusing the meat with a bold game flavour. Because of this, the legs of the birds are also rather tough and need a longer preparation than the more succulent fillet. The intensity of the flavour also differs between the hens and the roosters. The hens are slightly more delicate in flavour and the flesh has a lighter colour too, where the roosters have a bold flavour and darker flesh. When cleaning pheasant, take care to remove all the small bones. 

Basic techniquesfrying, grilling, sous vide, roasting, steaming, stewing, braising.

Taste combinations: apple, potato, green cabbage, oxheart cabbage, thyme, sage, beurre noisette, mushrooms, leek, celery, carrot, Brussels sprouts, celeriac, bacon, pancetta, liver, juniper berries, Parma ham, sherry, courgette, chicory.