Pike perch

Pike perch Enlarge

This predatory fish feels at home in clear open water with as little sand and as few water plants as possible. The pike perch hunts for small prey. This is because the fish has a small mouth with sharp teeth. Early on the young pike perches still live in large schools. As soon as they become mature and strong enough, they set off on their own. Pike perch is a firm and very tasty type of fish, with creamy white flesh suitable for a wide variety of preparation methods.

Basic techniques: frying, grilling, marinating, cooking sous-vide, roasting, deep-frying, browning, gratineeing, incising.

Taste combinations: potato, sea vegetables, citrus, clams, oyster, algae, seaweed, celeriac, beurre noisette, green herbs, hazelnut, morel mushrooms, white beer, white wine, dairy products, celery, green apple, artichoke, fennel, lemongrass.