Red gurnard

Red gurnard Enlarge

Red gurnard is found in the waters along the coast from Africa to Norway, but also in the Mediterranean Sea. The red gurnard can grow up to 75 centimetres long and weigh 6 kilos. Red gurnard is extensively fished off the Portuguese and Spanish coasts, and they are sometimes even line caught there!

The red gurnard is a spiny-finned fish that also has other names such as sea robin and sea-cock. The fish makes a noise that is akin to grunting and croaking. Gurnards can be red, grey or a variety of other species. The fish live in small schools and look for food such as small fish and prawns on the sea bed. The red gurnard has white flesh and a red and violet coloured exterior.

Basic techniques: frying, smoking, grilling, marinating, cooking sous-vide, roasting, deep-frying, browning, gratineeing, incising.

Taste combinations: aubergine, courgette, oregano, tomato, artichoke, thyme, rosemary, garlic, green asparagus, citrus, rice, quinoa, pasta, broccoli, avocado, dill, chorizo, pata negra, green herbs, mustard, olive oil.