Strawberry Enlarge

Strawberries are one of the most popular and sweetest fruits in the world. In the Netherlands, these popular soft fruits have the well-deserved nickname of ‘summer kings’. The later strawberries are picked in the season, the stronger their aroma. Strawberries make an ideal combination with warm/sweet spices or with other fruits.

Basic techniques: gratinating, confiting, frying, deep-frying, preserving, puréeing, caramelising, flambéing, marinating.

Taste combinations: almond, pineapple, anise, avocado, butter, beet, chocolate, lemon, grape, raspberry, hazelnut, honey, cinnamon, lime, coconut, cucumber, melon, mint, peach, rhubarb, red wine, orange, tomato, vanilla, elderflower, soft cheese, sherry, black pepper, black olive and dairy.