Thick flank (knuckle)

Thick flank (knuckle) Enlarge

The thick flank (knuckle) is a large round muscle from the animal's thigh bone. It consists of a top and bottom round and thin and thick cap. The lean round steak is cut from the top and bottom round. The thin and thick caps are used for dishes such as roast beef, carpaccio, and tartare.

Basic techniques: smoking, frying, marinating, grilling, brining, roast beef, tartare, braising, boiling, stewing, sausage. 

Taste combinations: avocado, tomato, artichoke, Lardo di Colonnata, onion, chive, cauliflower, mushrooms, bacon, piccalilli, celery, goat's cheese, brioche, conical cabbage, mustard, potato, red cabbage, parsley root, spinach, red wine.

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