Trout Enlarge

Although trout went out of fashion for a while, a number of top chefs are currently busy with the farming and preparation of this fish. It looks as though trout is about to reconquer its well-deserved place on menus everywhere. Trout is a silver-coloured fish with black spots across its entire body, except on the belly. A trout usually measures between 25 centimetres and 1 metre in length. This is an oily fish that goes well with flavours that can cut through its fattiness. 

Basic techniques: grilling, confiting, frying, slow cooking, barbecuing, en papillotte, cooking sous-vide, smoking, marinating, brining.

Taste combinations: asparagus, leeks, carrot, manchego cheese, olive oil, onion, sage, vinegar, beurre noisette, spinach, olives, almond, chorizo, bay leaf, tarragon, oregano, Serrano ham, pine nuts, bacon, apple.