Turbot Enlarge

The turbot is a species of flatfish that is considered to be one of the more luxury fish species. This fish can be recognised by the spots and dots on its skin. Turbot adapts itself to its environment, so the colour of its skin depends on the sandy soil in which it lives. The meat is firm, making it perfect for many different preparation techniques such as grilling, frying, and braising. Farmed turbot is a sustainable choice and it is great to see that it is becoming more and more popular. Farm-raised turbot is available all-year round which keeps the price stable too.

Basic techniques: grilling, confiting, frying, slow cooking, barbecuing, en papillotte, cooking sous-vide, smoking, marinating, brining.

Flavour combinations: thyme, garlic, fennel. celery, tarragon, chives, parsley, crème fraîche, citrus, asparagus, artichoke, lobster, cauliflower, Lardo di Colonnata, samphire, truffle, spinach, butterhead lettuce, goose liver, scallops, beef fillet.