Bavette (flap meat)

Here is the product passport for bavette (flap meat), with some additional information about this ingredient.

Bavette (flap meat)
Australian Black Angus beef is well-known for its exceptional quality. Flap meat is part of the flank (groin area). As this part of the cow is used intensively by the animal, it has a coarse structure. Flap meat is shaped like a half moon and was traditionally passed through a mincer to make tartare. Nowadays, it is often cooked rare. It is very important to cut flap meat properly — always against the grain to prevent the meat from becoming too tough. 

Australian Black Angus beef
Australian cattle breeders have been praised for many years for the way they breed their cattle: with consideration for animal welfare, safety, sustainability, and the environment. The cattle graze on large areas and are well cared for. The focus lies on sustainability, and continuous research is conducted into the possibilities for further reducing the negative impact of the meat industry on the environment. Australian Black Angus beef is very much in demand, thanks in part to its exceptionally high quality flavour, fat, texture, and colour and also because it is in constant supply.

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