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What is Gastronomixs?
Gastronomixs is an online idea generator that enables chefs to quickly create new dishes or make changes to existing ones by presenting a wealth of recipes in the form of building blocks. Gastronomixs was designed to simplify your culinary creative process!

Who’s behind Gastronomixs?
Gastronomixs is an initiative launched by the Dutch entrepreneurs Jeroen van Oijen and Inge Meijs. Together with a team of dedicated staff members and chefs of all levels they ensure that recipes are continually collected, created, checked, and photographed. Are you curious about the team behind Gastronomixs? Then click here.

What is a component?
A component is a basic preparation method revolving around one single ingredient. This includes things such as vitelotte paper, strawberry mousse, roast salmon belly, or tomato powder. A component is not a dish in itself, but part of a dish. Components are culinary building blocks that you can use to make endless variations and combinations.

What is a component chart?
A component chart is a visual collection of all the available components of one ingredient, basic recipe, technique, or world flavour.

What are compositions?
Compositions are dishes built up out of various components. On the first of every month, new compositions are published online and there are hundreds saved in the archive. We also host a new international top chef every month who shares three of their best recipes! 

Does Gastronomixs have an app?
No, not yet! But you can install our web app which serves as a shortcut to our website on your mobile phone. If you have an Android phone, you will automatically receive a pop-up notification for this. If you are using iOS, then click on the square from which a small arrow is pointing upwards. Then select ‘add to home screen’.

Can you upload components yourself?
Yes. Use this simple form to upload your own components within your account, which you will then always have at hand at the touch of a button. No more need for scraps of paper, folders, beer mats, and other notes! You can also immediately combine your recipes with the Gastronomixs components to quickly create dishes that suit your cooking style. These are not visible to other users or visitors. Only you and our culinary team can see the recipes that are uploaded. If they see a unique component, they may contact you via e-mail to ask if you would like to share your component publicly, stating your name if you give us your permission to do so.

Can you add components to your favourites?
Yes! This is a handy way to quickly access the components that you use more often. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a plus sign or asterisk next to each component. Click on the asterisk to add components to your favourites.

Can you create your own compositions?
Yes. This is the magic of Gastronomixs. You can quickly create new dishes by adding different components. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a plus sign or asterisk next to each component. You start creating a composition by clicking on the plus sign. The rest speaks for itself.

Are there basic recipes on Gastronomixs?
Certainly! Stocks, dressings, sauces, and soups can all be found under Basic recipes.

Do you also add recipes based on a technique or appliance?
We definitely do. Under Techniques: you can find all types of cooking techniques and appliances. We share everything about techniques such as fermenting, drying, sous vide cooking, and working with a siphon.

I forgot my password. What do I do?
Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Click here, fill in your e-mail address, and you’ll immediately receive an e-mail through which you can create a new password.

Can I change my password?
No problem! Go to this page and log in. Halfway down the page you can enter a new password by filling in your old and new password.

Can I change my e-mail address?
Because your e-mail address is also your username, you are currently unable to change your e-mail address yourself. After checking your information, we can change it for you. Please send us a chat message or fill in the contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

Can I share my username and password with friends and/or colleagues?
No. Protect your personal data and your favourite components and created compositions by keeping your log-in details to yourself. We frequently monitor for misuse.

Why can’t I view everything on the website?
You’re always looking for the best ingredients and materials: that goes without saying! If you’re in search of knowledge and inspiration you set the same high standards. As we invest a great deal of time and money to offer you the highest quality information possible, we work with paid memberships. You can access all recipes and functionalities by taking out a monthly or yearly membership. But before taking out a paid membership, you can first try out Gastronomixs for free for two weeks! Do you have a paid membership, are logged in, but still can’t see everything? Then send us a chat message or fill in the contact form and we’ll see what’s gone wrong.

How do I apply for a membership?
We have great news for you: before taking out a paid membership, you can first try out Gastronomixs for free for two weeks! If you decide that you can no longer live without Gastronomixs after the free trial period (there’s a big chance of this happening!), you can upgrade to a monthly or yearly membership. You can pay safely in a secure environment with iDeal (direct debit), PayPal, Bancontact, Mastercard, Visa, or Maestro after which you’ll have full access.

Can I have a free membership account?
Sometimes you want to try something out before committing yourself to a full membership. We understand this, and that’s why everyone can first try Gastronomixs for free for two weeks! During these two weeks you enjoy full access to all recipes and functionalities. Near the end of the free trial period you’ll automatically receive the option to upgrade to a paid account. If you choose not to upgrade, you can still use your free account but you’ll miss out on a bunch of recipes and functionalities.

What does a Gastronomixs membership cost?
A Gastronomixs account costs just €7 per month or €70 per year, including VAT. Please note: mid-June 2021, our prices will be adjusted to €9 per month and €90 per year, including VAT.

How can I pay?
If you decide to take out an account, you can pay for it safely and securely using iDeal (direct debit), PayPal, Bancontact, Mastercard, Visa, or Maestro. You’ll have full access after payment. You cannot pay by invoice later. Buckaroo is our payment processor. Your monthly membership will be renewed each month until cancelled and the costs will automatically be debited around the same day each month. For a one-year account you simply complete a one-off payment at the moment, as per mid-June 2021 this will be automatically renewed each year too.

I have a free account and want to upgrade to a paid account. How do I do this?
Thank you for taking this step! Go to this page and log in. Check your details and change them where necessary. Then you can choose a monthly membership or a yearly membership. You’ll have full access after payment.

I want to change my monthly payment to a yearly payment. How do I do this?
It's easy! Go to this page and log in. At the bottom of the page you can find the option ‘Change your account’. Click on this, select the option ‘Change to yearly payment’, and follow the instructions. If it doesn’t work, send us a chat message or fill in the contact form.

Can I change the name on the invoice?
This is not possible. The invoices are generated automatically and we cannot change them retroactively. You can ensure that the name on the next invoice is correct by updating your information on this page (you first need to log in).

Can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account whenever you want. Go to this page and log in. At the bottom of the page you can find the option ‘Change your account’. Click on this and select your choice. If you cancel your account, you’ll retain access for the period that you’ve paid for.

How can I delete my account?
Are you sure you want to delete your account? You can permanently delete your account, but you will lose all your favourite components and the compositions you have created yourself. If you simply stop your paid membership, we save your favourite components and created compositions until you decide to reactivate your account. To delete your account or stop payment, go to this page and log in. At the bottom of the page you can find the option ‘Change your account’. Follow the instructions. If it doesn’t work, send us a chat message or fill in the contact form.

How are my personal details protected?
Your personal details are safe with us. Gastronomixs will never sell your personal details to third parties. Agreements have been made with third parties hired by us and they are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data. Would you like to know more? Then read our privacy statement.

What general terms and conditions apply to a Gastronomixs membership?
Click here to read our General Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, send us a chat message or fill in the contact form.

Does Gastronomixs have a money-back guarantee if I am not satisfied?
We do not give restitution on concluded memberships. You can cancel your membership at any time. After your membership term has expired your membership will automatically revert to a free account with limited access.

What is the Gastronomixs Culinary Tool Book?
Sold out since October 2015. Simply put, it is a set of instructions that supports the creative process in the professional kitchen (available in Dutch only). The book contains, among others, a unique Creative Step-by-Step Plan that includes five different creative tools: the tools for your brain. These will help you create dishes even faster and better and to come up with exciting variations on existing dishes.

What is RAUW magazine?
This is the first insider lifestyle magazine for chefs (available in Dutch only) that we published in 2017 to mark our fifth anniversary. Unfortunately, just like our Tool Book, this magazine is sold out! We can’t promise if there will be a second edition yet.

Are the recipes and photographs protected by copyright?
Yes. If you want use our photographs or recipes, please ask for written permission to do so by sending an e-mail to info@gastronomixs.com.

Can I publish Gastronomixs recipes on my own website or blog?
We’re happy you’re so enthusiastic! But we only allow this after written permission has been granted and it must include the source reference. Always send us a chat message first or fill in the contact form.

Can I use photographs published on Gastronomixs?
The photographs we publish are made with the greatest care and attention. This is why all the photographs on Gastronomixs are copyright protected. You are not permitted to use these photographs without written permission. So if you want to use a photograph, contact us first by sending us a chat message or filling in the contact form.

I would like to advertise on Gastronomixs.com. Is that possible?
We can easily imagine that you would like to advertise on the fastest growing online platform for professional chefs, but not through ‘traditional’ advertisement or banners. At Gastronomixs we use Product Placements: we demonstrate to our users how versatile products and appliances can be. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to info@gastronomixs.com. We will be happy to inform you about the options and prices!

There is a component I would like to see posted on Gastronomixs. Can I submit this?
We’re delighted that you want to share your knowledge with us! We’re also happy that you’re not the only one. Send your ideas to us using the contact form, and we’ll see if they’re suitable for publishing on our website.

I saw an error in a recipe.
We check everything at least three times, but a mistake can always slip through. Share your doubts and feedback with us! Together we can make Gastronomixs even better. Send us a chat message or fill in the contact form, and we’ll check the recipe as quickly as possible and let you know what we found.

How many people do the recipes on Gastronomixs serve?
The recipes on Gastronomixs usually don't specify the number of people that a particular recipe can serve. This is because the number of people you can serve depends on how you use the component: if you use it as a main component, the recipe will serve fewer people than if you use it just as a garnish. If you have a question about a specific component, you can always contact us via the chat function or the contact form.

I have a comment. Who can I send it to?
We are happy to hear your opinion of Gastronomixs! The feedback we receive will only help us improve our platform. Send us a chat message or fill in the contact form. We read every message and always reply!

Who is Gastronomixs’ photographer?
The photographs on Gastronomixs are made by Jeanette van Oijen, Peter Staes, and Inge Meijs.

Will this platform result in everyone making the same dishes?
Not at all! Gastronomixs provides the tools for your brain with which you can quickly create new recipes. Since you can make virtually limitless combinations with the thousands of components featured on the site, it is highly unlikely that the same dishes will be created by different chefs. Every chef has their own style and will make their own unique choices.

Can Gastronomixs present lectures and/or masterclasses on request?
Certainly! There are many possibilities in this area that can be tailored to individual needs. For more information fill in the contact form. Please be as specific as possible in your request, so that we can reply quickly with the right information.

Can Gastronomixs be used as lesson material at schools?
We believe that Gastronomixs has great additional value for hospitality industry education. More than 20 schools in the Netherlands have included Gastronomixs in their classes. We offer special memberships for students and lecturers for educational institutes with a minimum of 50 students. Contact us for more information by sending an e-mail to info@gastronomixs.com, and we’ll be happy to inform you about the options.