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Thank you for your interest in Gastronomixs! Please find a few text and image sources below.

In this document you'll find the most important information about Gastronomixs. The document contains some background information, the biography of the founders and their team, facts and numbers and some references. Are you looking for something else? Or would you like to use the recipes and/or photographs on our website? Please contact the Gastronomixs editorial team first for permission and instructions by sending an e-mail to We look forward to hearing from you!



Articles & press releases

Articles Chef & Restaurant Magazine (Chef Publushing, UK) 
Chef & Restaurant Magazine, previously Chef Magazine, is published for chefs. The core values of the magazine are to provide the reader with relevant, informative and exciting content. Since November 2018 Gastronomixs provides an ingredient section in every month's magazine. Visit this page to check out the latest issue! 

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