Product Placement: your product as content?

Advertising becomes creating content. Give your products the exposure they deserve!

Will Gastronomixs help me effectively reach my target audience?
Gastronomixs is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for chefs because it offers recipes in the form of culinary building blocks. Gastronomixs spurs chefs to create endless variations on existing dishes as well as entirely new dishes. Chefs will no longer want to do without the idea generator for gastronomy, and as a result, Gastronomixs is a great way to enter into direct contact with your target audience.

Will Gastronomixs offer me possibilities to show my product to (Dutch) chefs?
Gastronomixs’ Product Placement option will effectively bring your product to the attention of your target audience. We create relevant content with your product(s) that will enable you to position yourself as a partner in creativity! We recommend that you broadly and actively present the content featuring your Product Placement in your sales and marketing strategies.

Almost 3 million pageviews a year and towering ambitions!
Gastronomixs is the fastest growing knowledge and inspiration platform in the culinary world! As a Product Placer you will be positioned as one of our partners and we will put your product in the spotlights in a unique manner.

‘Through Gastronomixs we can give our current as well as potential customers all the information
they need about how to use our products, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!’
- Bart Leemans, Sales, Marketing & Communication Manager at Koppert Cress.

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