The team behind Gastronomixs

Would you like to know more about the team behind Gastronomixs and what exactly these people do?

Gastronomixs was launched in 2012 by the Dutch entrepreneurs Jeroen van Oijen and Inge Meijs. With more than 20,000 users, this online idea generator for chefs has grown to become an established tool in the profession. Chefs from all over the world share their knowledge with one another in the form of components and compositions. The Gastronomixs team checks each recipe several times and makes sure that everything is photographed in the same, minimalistic style. As we comb all the corners of the culinary world for you, bringing this knowledge to your fingertips, you can set to work immediately and save a great deal of time and money!

About the founders
Jeroen worked in gastronomy for fifteen years before embarking on a career as a marketing adviser in the food service/catering industry. He completed several study programmes to gain better insight into creative processes and also spent a great deal of his time travelling abroad. At Gastronomixs, Jeroen is responsible for creative and culinary development, quality, and sales.

Inge was trained as a food designer and digital marketer. She is inquisitive, creative, a real go-getter, dedicated, and determined. So it comes as no surprise that she has been an entrepreneur since she was only 21 years old! At Gastronomixs, Inge is responsible for online marketing, design, and international relations.

Guest chefs
Each month, you'll find a well-known, international guest chef on Gastronomixs willing to share his or her compositions and components. We've already had names such as Daniel Humm, Jonnie Boer, Quique Dacosta, Richard Ekkebus, Christian F. Puglisi, Virgilio Martínez Véliz, Gert de Mangeleer, Niki Nakayama, and Rasmus Kofoed, as well as many others. If you'd like to see them in a row, take a look at our photo album on the Gastronomixs Facebook page.

In addition to the permanent Gastronomixs culinary team, we also work with a large group of passionate chefs, lecturers, talented chefs in training, and pâtissiers. They make and check all recipes more than once to ensure that you can have complete confidence in their quality. Our creed is to work together, as the most important thing to us is the people around us, all of whom are experts in their various fields.

If you think sharing knowledge is important and fun, are au fait with the latest culinary trends but also have considerable knowledge of classical preparation methods, and want to join our team of Gastronauts, then please let us know! We are always looking for talented people in the profession to help us build Gastronomixs further. Please send us a chat message or fill in the contact form. We hope to meet you soon!