Welcome to Gastronomixs, the online idea generator for chefs! Here you can quickly create new dishes or make changes to existing ones as the recipes are provided in the form of building blocks.

Building blocks for endless culinary creations
Gastronomixs is based on thousands of preparations – called components – of everyday ingredients. These are the building blocks for an endless supply of dishes, which we call compositions.

The purpose of Gastronomixs
As a chef, you love your profession and are driven by your passion for cooking. However, like many of your colleagues, you are also busy doing all sorts of jobs that have very little to do with cooking at all... If you scarcely have any time to experiment with new recipes, want to stay ahead in your profession, and want to keep stimulating your creativity, then Gastronomixs is the answer!

How Gastronomixs works
If you want to know what you can do with a specific ingredient, we can help you find out! Gastronomixs contains classical and contemporary preparation methods for more than 140 everyday ingredients. But we also offer plenty of components which are subdivided into the categories: basic recipes, techniques, and world flavours. You can add components to your favourites or combine them into your own composition, which you can then easily share with other colleagues or employees.

‘Just as you would use the best quality knives and other equipment,
Gastronomixs is an advanced tool for your brain.’

You need to be able to trust your tools! All recipes have been tested several times and recorded by our team of chefs and photographers. All texts are written using professional jargon. Nevertheless, we know that there is always room for improvement so please let us know about any errors and share with us your feedback or other insights!

Free two-week trial
If you'd like to know more and want to find out for yourself how simple it is to put together new dishes, create a free Trial account and you can start using it within a couple of minutes! If you've got the hang of it after two weeks, you can purchase a Pro account for €6 per month or €60 per year.

Take a tour of our website and if you have any questions please refer to our FAQ. If you can’t find the answer to your question here don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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